Screenshot of RDF schema

RDF Refine - a Google Refine extension for exporting RDF

Main features

Download extension 0.8.0

(Test/ALPHA!) Download ORefine extension 0.9.0

Getting started…

  1. Make sure "extensions" folder exists in your Google Refine workspace
  2. Download the extension
  3. Extract the downloaded zip file to the "extensions" folder
  4. Restart Google Refine
Visit the installation guide for more detailed instructions. For tutorials-like material see our showcases. For detailed and technical documentation see the documentation section.


2014-03-06: a test version compatible with Open Refine 2.6 beta is released!
2012-07-27: version 0.8.0 released
Support for reconciling using Apache Stanbol is added. This feature has been initially implemented for LMF and partially funded by the Republic of Austria within the COMET project Salzburg NewMediaLab.
2012-01-18: version 0.7.5 released