Using Sindice for reconciliation

For detailed example and screenshots see Reconciling DERI researchers using Sindice

Sindice is used for two purposes:

  1. Identify related RDF datasets

    Using Sindice Search API and Cache API, RDF Extension can suggest RDF datasets that contain related data to a column in a Google Refine project. The suggestion is based on examining the results returned by searching a sample set of the data via Sindice.
  2. Reconcile datasets

    You can define Sindice as a target for reconciliation. Most of the times, you will use a domain-restricted reconciliation service (i.e. restrict Sindice search to a particular domain). Without specifying a domain, the reconciliation service searches the whole Sindice index. Sindice reconciliation service is defined by default once you install the extension (you can find it in the standard Google Refine list of defined reconciliation services labeled Sindice). Further domain-restricted Sindice reconciliation services can be defined through the RDF menu.